Warranty & Break-In Procedure

Ring & Pinion Service Warranty Information

We guarantee our work at Ring & Pinion Service (RPS). We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the work that we do. We have satisfied tens of thousands of customers over the years and rarely have dissatisfied customers. The information below defines our warranty policies and the responsibilities of the customer after our work is done.
Conditions That are Warranted: Bearing wear, seal leakage, ring and pinion noise and workmanship are warranted for six (6) months for passenger cars and two (2) wheel drive trucks, and ninety (90) days for four (4) wheel drive trucks, motor homes, and any vehicles used for towing. RPS complies with the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. All new parts are warranted by their respective manufacturer, not by RPS. While most parts are warranted for one year or more, some manufacturers may have a limited warranty or no warranty at all. Manufacturers do not warranty collateral damage to other parts caused by a failure in a part they have manufactured. RPS will not be responsible for informing the customer of manufacturer’s warranty policies unless requested at the time this warranty is signed. Used parts are warranted by RPS for thirty (30) days. Vehicles or differentials submitted for warranty consideration must be returned to RPS freight or towing pre-paid for our inspection and determination. Our determination will be final.
Warranty Exclusions: Customer supplied parts or the labor to install customer supplied parts. Damage due to abuse, overloading, or lubrication failure (i.e contaminated oil or low oil level). Ring and pinion noise is warranted unless the customer is notified in advance to the contrary. Normal noise from positraction chatter or from locking differentials. Damage caused to internal parts due to bent or damaged housings. AWD vehicles with mismatched tires. Damage caused by vehicles that are used off-road or for competition. Damage due to overloading caused by oversized tires. Oversized tires are defined as: over 31” tall on mini and mid-sized vehicles; over 33” tall on full size ½ ton vehicles; and over 35” tall on full-size ¾ and 1-ton vehicles. Incidental or consequential damages such as telephone calls, loss of time or revenue, perishable goods, inconvenience, or commercial loss are not covered. Any work performed by anyone other than RPS that affects the scope of work done by RPS will void our warranty.

Differential Break In and Care

New Ring and Pinion Gear Break In:
All new ring and pinion gear sets require a break-in period to prevent damage from overheating. Follow the procedures and limitations below.

  1. Keep vehicle speeds under 60 mph for the first 100 miles.
  2. After driving the first 15 to 20 miles STOP for 45 minutes or more and let the differential cool before proceeding. Do this at least once. Repeating the process 2-3 times is ideal.
  3. RPS’s warranty requires that the vehicle be driven at least 500 miles before towing or heavy acceleration.
  4. RPS recommends towing for very short distances (less than 15 miles) and letting the differential cool before continuing during the first 45 towing miles.
  5. Differential oil should be changed after the first 500 miles. This will remove any metal particles or phosphorus coating that has come from the new gear set.

A new ring and pinion gear set is most susceptible to damage from overheating during the first 500 miles. Any heavy use or overloading during this time will cause irreparable damage to the gear set that will not be warranted by RPS.